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Gravel Riders

Grav·el [grav-uhl] noun, a lot more fun than black top.

"Gravel Riders" is a bunch of old farts on dual-sport adventure bikes who like to go bush every now and then.

Typical bike: VStrom 650 or Kwaka KLR 650
Typical tracks: anything gravel, State Forest and National Parks. 

I have separate email lists for VStrom riders and Gravel Riders for specific events. If you want to be added to one or both of those, drop me a note (click on Contact).

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I --
I took the one less travelled by,
And that has made all the difference.
-- The Road Not Taken, Robert Frost
With that first twitch of
slippery gravel under the tires,
the week-day woes slip away ...
and the adventure begins.

-- Mark Hinchliffe

It's not about racing. We're just out for a good time and hopefully no broken bones. Day trips and overnighters.
No Dickheads allowed

You're responsible for yourself: "If I get hurt, lost or die, it's my own damn fault."

General info about off-road riding

How to Ride a Motorcycle Off Road (pdf Guide).

Snail Trails thread on ADVRider (Sunshine Coast).

Protective Gear : Camping : Cooking

THE MOST IMPRESSIVE RIDER is the one who is always there, never causes problems,
doesn’t break his bike or his body,
and makes friends out of everyone he meets.

He helps others in the group, keeps an eye on less experienced riders in nasty going,
and is quick to lend a hand when it’s dark and cold, and things have gone seriously wrong.
And no matter what happens, he stays happy.
-- The Way

May 2010: the inaugral Gravel Ride. Ride report.

May 2011: Thread the Needle ride. Ride report.

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